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Richland County, Illinois

New 96 Page Booklet

Early days in Richland County, IL, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this new 8 1/2" x 11" spiral-bound booklet, printed on 60 # opaque paper. The booklet, an excerpt from the hard-to-find 1884 book: Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois, published by F.A. Battey & Co. of Chicago, is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover.

Communities currently listed for this area by the National Association of Counties include: Bonpas Township, Calhoun, Claremont Township, Decker Township, Denver Township, Dundas, German Township, Madison Township, Noble Township, Olney Township (County Seat), Parkersburg, and Preston Township. .

Among the many subjects discussed are: Physical Features; Agricultural Societies; Early Settlement and Pioneers; Early Social Customs; County Organization; Various Townships; County Officials; Courts and Crime; Names of the first grand jurists; Newspapers; Churches; Schools; Social societies, such as Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, GAR, Catholic Knights of America, Ancient Order of United Workmen; the Civil War -- movements of the Eighth Illinois Infantry, 63rd Illinois Infantry, 98th Illinois Infantry, the 136th Illinois Infantry, 6th Illinois Cavalry, 60th Illinois Infantry, 130th Illinois Infantry and the Fifth Illinois Cavalry; Growth of the county's villages -- Olney, Noble, Claremont, Parkersburg, Fairview, Wakefield, and Dundas and other bits of history and trivia.

Attention Genealogists: This booklet contains biographies of many county residents of yesteryear. Some are brief, but others include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities, in the course of which they often shed light on the businesses, churches, professions and institutions, and on the events of the day. The biographies include: Olney City and Township -- Col. W.E. Alcorn, James C. Allen, Ellis W. Alley, Sol Bacharach, Darius Baird, Samuel J. Baker, Dr. Orris A. Battson, W.F. Beck, James M. Bell, Christian Bohren, John Bohren, William Bourell, Henry L. Bower, William Bower, Dr. Eli Bowyer, John C. Brockman, Judge R.S. Canby, Alvin Clem, Captain John S. Cochennour, William R. Combs, B.F. Combs, James R. Dales, Andrew Darling, George Davis, Sylvester J. Eckenrode, D.L. Edmiston, Christian Eggler, Gottlieb Eggler, William Elliott, William Ferriman, Charles Ferriman, Dr. Francis H. Fisk, Calvin U. Fishel, Robert Fleming, David Fleming, Charles B. Fletcher, Theodore and Dan Fritchey, Jacob Fritschle, Mrs. Harriet Gadau, Frank P. Gillespie, Henry Godeke, William Godejohann, John Gruber, John Von Gunter Jr., Harvey M. Hall, Alonzo E. Harrell, Christian Hasler, Isaiah Heap, Joseph C. Herron, Charles Hinman, Horner Brothers, Kinneth D. Horrall, Benjamin F. Hunter, Timothy W. Hutchinson, George D. Johnstone, Dr. Theodore H. Johnson, John B. and John F. Jolly, George Kipp, A.L. Kent, Nicholas Kline Jr., Aden Knoph, Jacob Kramer, John Kuster, Dr. William T. Lampton, Frederick Landenberger, Lewis A. Levering, Aaron Loeser, Norman A. Lough, George Lutz, Major James T. McGinniss, Rev. J.W. Merscher, August F.G. Muench, Elijah Murray, Elijah Nelson, J.D. Nelson, William Newell, O.C. Palmateer, Fletcher T. Phillips, Finney D. Preston, Douglass A. Preston, Capt. William T. Prunty, Thomas Ratcliff, Albert Ratcliff, Lloyd Rawlings, Shadrach Rawlings, Capt. William Rhode, James I. Richey, Dr. Edmund W. Ridgway, Townsend H. Rowland, Dr. Elbert Rowland, John C. Rush, Matthew M. St. John, Henry C. Sands, Ambrose Schneider, G. Schnepper, John Schwebel, David Scott, Aaron Shaw, Parmenas Shaw, John T. Shaw, John H. Shepherd, Charles Shultz, Herman H. Shultz, Major Harrison M. Spain, Jonas Spangler Archibald Spring, William A. Startsman, William Steward, Thomas L. Steward, A.J. Steward, Robert N. Stotler, Henry Studer, Henry Swallen, Dr. William A. Thompson, Thomas Tippit, Gustave H.B. Tolle, Bernard E. Voigt, William Von Allmen, J.C. Von Almen, Gottlieb Weiss, George F. Wisshack, John M. Wilson, Robert B. Witcher, John Wolf, Dr. Henry J.B. Wright, W.M. Wyatt; Noble Township -- Peter Billiangs, W.B. Bolding, W.O. Boyle, James N. Chaille, Dr. J.A. Clutter, Michael C. Donovan, D.C. Edmondson, R. N. McCauley, J.L. McMurtry, J.D. Nichols, Dr. J.F. Palmer, Charles E. Palmer, J. Roberts, J. Slate, W.G. Toliver; Claremont Township -- Dr. N.B. Allen, Early Beadle, William E. Colvin, Elijah Conner, A.W. Fritchey, Isaac Fritschle, O.W. Fulk, Joel Grdner, Theodore Gharst, Henry Harmon Jr., Samuel R. Jones, Christian E. Miller, Isaiah J. Mowrer, B.M. Nease, John Peer, John F. Perry, David L.M. Richardson, Eli C. Roberts, Ira O. Snavely, D.S. Shoemaker, E.J. Steward; Decker Township -- David H. Anderson, Absolom Brown, Osbern Henry, N.L. McCauley, Nathaniel Miller, R.H. Runyon, John Sonner, M.L. Taylor; Madison Township -- John Brown, Dr. S.S. Canby, O.P. Heistand, John P. Higgins, Titus Hill, J.S. Howe, I.N. Martin, William Parker, Amos B. Snively, Dr. J.P. Soliss, Jacob Sotzen, S.M. Thomson, James B. Thomson; Bonpas Township -- William B. Boley, A.J. Britton, W.B. Bunn, John Byers, Joseph Eagleson, Lorenz Friedly, Michael Forney, Henry H. Harman, J.D. Hundley, J.S. Kimmel, Capt. E.R. Lindsey, J.R. Lindsay, Dr. John W. Mattoon, Henry D. Ridgely, T.J. Roush, Gilbert R. Slover, Mrs. Euphemia Tombaugh, William Walden, L.D. Whitaker; German Township -- Abram Gotterell, William Dishon, George Hanes, Henry Lathrop, Jacob Lewis Jr., William F. Musgrove, S.A. Powell, L.D. Roney, James K. Roney, D.S. Stiff, Samuel Stoltz; Preston Township -- Elizabeth Combs, Frederick Gruneisen, W.W. Kermicle, George W. Leaf, Thomas Leaf, William McWilliams, T.G. Phillips, A.R. Phillips, Adam Sherer; Denver Township -- Silas Cloud, Rev. Henry Coen, Dr. W.H. Davis, John N. Deizell, A.B. Farquhar, Seth W. Gard, Orlando W. Gray, Richard Hall, J.A. McKnight, R.C. Lough, Hays B. Miller, John Montgomery, George R. Osburn,, Mortimer Phillips.

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