Scene of Confederate Guerrilla Raids in the Civil War!

Montgomery County, Missouri

New 150 Page Illustrated Booklet

Early days in Montgomery County, MN, are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this booklet, reprinted from the rare 1885 book: History of St. Charles, Montgomery and Warren Counties, and Missouri, a Guide to the "Show Me" State, a 1930s WPA project. The spiral bound booklet is 8 1/2 x 5 1/2" and is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet protects the front cover.

Past and present communities in the county include: Bellflower, Buell Danville, High Hill, Jonesburg, McKittrick, Middletown, Mineola, Montgomery City (county seat), New Florence, New Hartford, Rhineland and Wellsville. All may not be mentioned in the booklet.

Many exciting events headline the history of this rural county in east central Missouri. A partial list of subjects include: General Description; the First Europeans; the First Americans (including the son of Daniel Boone); the Indian Wars, with many individual tales; Settlers Before 1820; Early Aristocrats; Quashquama, a friendly Sac Indian; First Steamboats Up the Missouri; First Organization (of the county) and the town of Pinckney; First County Officials; Weather in Early Times; Pioneers and Pioneer Life; Game and Wild Animals; Pioneer Weddings; Establishment of the Boone's Lick Road; the Boone's Lick Stage Line; First Murder Case and other Murders; Black Hawk War; the Florida and Mormon Wars; the Political Canvass of 1840; "Hard Times"; the Native Americans ("Know Nothing" party); Presidential Campaigns; After Fort Sumpter; the First Federal Troups; Acts of Violence in the County during the Civil War years; Troops for Gen. Price's Army; Invasion and Occupation of the County by Federal Troops; Events of the Years 1862-64; the Confederate Guerrilla Raids of 1864, including the Second Raid on Rhineland, Bill Anderson's Burning of Danville, Scenes at the Female College, and others; Adoption of the "Drake" Constitution; Political Campaign of 1866; and many other bits of history and trivia.

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