The History of Three Pennsylvania Counties



The history of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties of PA, is recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this NEW 62 Page Booklet, reprinted primarily from three hard-to-find books: the 1843 edition of Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania by Sherman Day, An Illustrated History of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by William Egle, M.D., and Pennsylvania, a Guide to the Keystone State, a WPA project published in 1940. The spiral-bound booklet is printed one-sided on 60# paper, with the print enlarged for easier reading. A clear vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover.

The communities mentioned include: Ayr, Bedford Springs, Bedford, Berlin (Brother’s Valley), Bethel, Bloody Run, Burnt Cabins, Clairsville, Everett, Fort Littleton, Jennerstown (Jennersville), Martinsburg, McConnellstown, Milford, Myersdale, New Granada, Petersburg, Rainsburg, Salisbury, Saxton, Schellsburg, Smithfield, Somerset (Brunerstown), St Clair, Stoystown, Warfordsburg, Woodbury.

The Day and Egle histories cover the early development of this area, while excerpts from the WPA book, give a nostalgic glimpse from a 1940 vantage point, including interesting historical notes, especially as they relate to sightseeing possibilities.

Among the many and diverse subjects in the booklet are: County terrain and geological traits; Early Settlers; Industry and trades of the Counties; Medicinal Mineral Springs near Bedford; Col James Smith's own narrative of Indian captivity; Large 1758 Military campaign to expel the French; The Story of Bloody Run; The other story of Bloody Run; The first British fort taken by American Rebels; The "King's House;" The area's contributions to the Revolution; Samuel Adams and an Indian Fight to the Death; Being shot by an Indian saves a Man's life; List of early Justices, Commissioners, and Grand Jurors; Names of Land Owners and Surveyors; List of Licensed Tavern Keepers; Tulls Hill and the Massacre of the Tull Family; Davy Lewis -Robin hood of Bedford; The Naming of Fulton County and a couple Tenacious Senators; Surnames of Numerous First Generation settlers; Fulton County’s contribution to the Union Army; McClintock’s, Jenning’s and Skinner’s Forts; George Washington first to cross Somerset County; Opposition to the Whiskey Rebellion; Somerset Fire of 1833, and a list of affected business and home owners; Settlers along Bouquet road; First Courthouse and Jail in Somerset; Evolution of the town of Meyersdale; and other interesting bits of history and trivia.

ILLUSTRATIONS include Public Square in Bedford; Bedford Springs; The Provincial Courthouse and Jail at Bedford; The Old Fort Bedford House; View at Bedford Springs; Espy House – Washington’s Headquarters 1774; Fulton County Courthouse; Plan of Fort Lyttleton- 1755; Somerset; Somerset County Courthouse, Somerset; .

History of
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