Squeeze Play at Brady's Bend



The history of Clarion County, PA, is recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this NEW 20 Page Booklet, reprinted primarily from two hard-to-find books: An Illustrated History of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by William Egle, M.D., and Pennsylvania, a Guide to the Keystone State, a WPA project published in 1940. The spiral-bound booklet is printed one-sided on 60# paper, with the print enlarged for easier reading. A clear vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover.

The communities mentioned include: Clarion, Strattenville, Shippensville, Carlesville, Greenville, Callensburg, St. Petersburg, East Brady, Sligo, New Bethlehem (Gumtown), Tylersburg, Freyburg, Edinburgh, Turkey City, Salem City, Foxburg, Perryville, West Freedom, Monterey, Phillipsburg, Lawsonham, Millville, Shannondale, Rimmersburg, Currlsville, Fairmount City, Lucinda, Reidsburg, Brady's Bend, Kaylor, and Leeper.

The Egle history covers the early development of this area, while excerpts from the WPA book, give a nostalgic glimpse from a 1940 vantage point, including interesting historical notes, especially as they relate to sightseeing possibilities.

Among the many and diverse subjects in the booklet are: Early Settlers and their hardships; squeeze play at Brady's Bend; The building of a county seat; Oil boom; Callensburg Institute, Carrier Seminary, Clarion Collegiate Institute, Reid Institute, Clarion Academy, and other schools; Pine tar an early export; The Water Works; The legend of Capt Sam Brady at "the Narrows"; a thrifty deer hunter; Why Clarion's called Clarion, Sligo's called Sligo, and Rimmersburg's not called Pinksville; and other interesting bits of history and trivia.

ILLUSTRATIONS include Public Square in Clarion, Clarion County Courthouse, Clarion County Prison.

History of Clarion County
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