Where English was a Second Language...



The history of Lebanon County, PA, is recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this NEW 20 Page Booklet, reprinted primarily from two hard-to-find books: the 1843 edition of Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania by Sherman Day, and An Illustrated History of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1876) by William Egle, M.D. The spiral-bound booklet is printed one-sided on 60# paper, with the print enlarged for easier reading. A clear vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover.

Communities mentioned include: Fredericksburg, Myerstown, Lebanon, Annville, Palmyra, Miner’s Village, Millerstown, Shaefferstown, Jonestown (formerly Williamstown) and Campbellstown.

Since the source books are concerned with the same subject, there is some duplication of material, but the time elasped often changes the perspective and emphasis.

Among the many and diverse subjects in the booklet are: Early Settlers; Physical Features of the Land; Requirement of English Language in Schools, whereas German was the "home" tongue; The Union Canal, an intrastate public improvement, proposed over a century before it was built; Religious Sects, such as the Moravians and Mennonists; German Jews in Shaefferstown; Baron Steigel’s Castle; Cornwell Ore Banks with extensive iron deposits; Indian Attack in 1757; Fort Henry and Fort Smith; Ingenuity of Peter Heydrich; Col. Greenawalt and Major Philip Marsteller; Consolidation of Lebanon and North Lebanon; Old Moravian Church used as a hospital after Battle of Trenton; Swatara Collegiate Institute; Townships; and Educational Institutions, such as Lebanon Valley College, Palatinale College, Swatara Collegiate Institution and Schuylkill Seminary, and other interesting bits of history and trivia.

ILLUSTRATIONS include: Southwest View of Lebanon; View of the Borough of Lebanon (full page); Lebanon County Court House; Cornwall Mines, Middle Hill, Through Cut; and "Berg-Kirche" -- Hill Church.

History of Lebanon County
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