History of

wHenry County, TN

New 75-Page Booklet

Early days in Henry County in northwestern Tennessee, are recalled in this spiral bound booklet compiled from excerpts from: History of Tennessee, originally published in 1886 by Goodspeed Publishing Co., and Counties of Tennessee by Austin P. Foster (1923), and Tennessee, a Guide to the State, a 1939 Federal Writer's Project of the WPA. The new 75-page booklet is printed on 60# paper with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover.

Among the subjects included are: Geographic features; Early settlers -- Joel and Willis Hagler, Major John Porter and others; How the pioneers made-do; "Dam" trouble; Agriculture; Organization of the county; Court actions; the first courthouse; County and other officers; Court actions including rape and murder; the Civil War, with most favoring the Confederates; Occupation of Paris; the town of Paris -- businesses, newspapers, societies; Other towns -- Springville, Cottage Grove, and Elkhorn; Schools and school teachers; Churches; and other items of interest.

Besides the names mentioned in the first part of the booklet, there are a number of biographies. Most are fairly lengthy, and often include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities. In the course of this they often shed light on the early businesses, professions and institutions in the county. The biographies include: Judge Clinton Aden, Capt. F. Alexander, John Anderson, J.D.C. Atkins, J.S. Barger, J. Wade Barton, John J. Blake, George H. Browne, J.W. Buchanan, Col. Robert D. Caldwell, Dr. S.H. Caldwell, William L. Carter Jr., L. Cherry, William M. Coffman, Simeon W. Cooley, John T. Currier, Dr. H. Diggs, J.R.B. Dinwiddie, R.E. Douglass, W.A. Dunlap, Robert Eastwood, Dr. Samuel C. Edmunds, Constantine Frazier, M.H. Freeman, Thomas C. Fryer, S.J. Grable, Capt. W.D. Hallum, Green D. Hancock, Preston G. Haynes, William H. Hudson, Henry A. Humphreys, Prof. T.H.M. Hunter, William A. Jones, Sol. Jones, Charles M. Kennerly, A.B. Lamb, D.M. Lankford, William H. Lasater, John L. Lemonds, H.H. Lovelace, J.W. Mathis, Dr. G.T. Morris, Dr. W.T. McClarin, T.C. McNeill, N.W. McNeill, I.A. McSwain, W.T. Nance, Richard H. Ogburn, Edward B. Parker, James W. Porter, William M. Rowe, J.M. Rushing, Barney Speight, Dr. James G. Stark, J.J. Sweatt, John C. Sweeney, Stacker J. Taylor, Jasper N. Thomason, James M. Todd, Dr. Edward A. Travis, Albert G. Trevathan, G.H. Trevathan, Miles F. Tyler, Rev. Robert L. Veasey, Pleasant C. Wade, V.B. Walker, A.J. Weldon, W.E. Weldon, Fitzgerald Williams, Alex. Wilson, Dr. Thomas R. Wilson, William T. Wrather, C.N. Wright, Iverson M. Wrinkle, and William G. Wynns.

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