History of

Buchanan County, Virginia

New 58-Page Booklet

Early days in Buchanan County, VA are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this New 58-page booklet, comprised of excerpts from Looking Back One Hundred Years, a Brief Story of Buchanan County and Its People,  written by Hannibal Albert Compton for the county's centenial in 1958. 

We opted for a shorter title:

History of Buchanan County, Virginia USA

Because of the larger paper our booklet has fewer pages than the original book, but still includes all of the information.

This spiral-bound booklet is printed on 11" x 8.5" 60# bond paper. The tri-color cover is on 80# card stock, with the front protected by a vinyl sheet. It is one of hundreds of historic titles we have reproduced, all preserving the writings of early historians.

Among the many subjects discussed are: Physical Features of the Area, including Dismal Creek and Levisa River; the formation of the county; the families of Milton Ward, John s. Ratliff, and John N. Watkins; Other early settlers; lumber companies; Early preachers, lawyers and doctors; Schools; Colorful accounts of three sensational murders and the trials that followed; Politics; Two lynchings; a brief history of all the families of the county that the writer recalls -- Adams, Adkins, Addison, Arnold, Allen, Altizer, Arrington, Alley, Ball,  Baldwin, Arms, Barton, Belcher, Blankenship, Catron, Cantrel, Cole, Clifton, Compton, Cartright, Boyd, Coleman, Calloway, Bane, Bailey, Davis, Dawson, Dale, Daugherty, Day, Deskin, Brown, Deel, Elswick, Endicott, Elkins, Evans, Farmer, Fletcher, Fuller, Ferrell, Field, Gibson, Grimsley, Gilbert, Goss, Gentry, Horn, Harman, Hale, Honaker, Hess, Charles, Childress, Church, Ellis, Cook, Clevinger, Hurley, Dotson, Hibbitt, Hylton, Henderson, Hardin, Jackson, Johnson, Jewell, Keen, Kiser, Kelley, Lester, Breeding, Kacknew, Lawson, Leonard, Lee, Leftwich, Lane, Lewis, Lambert, Matney, Looney, McGlothlin, McNeil, Mullin, McClanahan, Muncey, Meadow, Messick, Neikerk, Nelson, Nicewonders, McCoys, Nickels or Nichols, Nuckels, Newberry, Osborn, Ownbey, Owens, Prater, Presley, Rakes, Ratliff, Stiltner, Wade, and Ward; Coal titles in the county; and other interesting bits of history and trivia.

Illustrations include: the 1940 Board of Supervisors, W.M. Ritter employees in 1919, Mountain Mission School, Members of the Buchanan County bar in 1958, Prisoners convicted of violation of the liquor law in 1922, the first high school, the first football team (1923), County officials in 1940, the first man condemned to the electric chair and his guards, Members of the Odd Fellows (1915), Sam Hurley's daughters, the Lambert Hotel, a group of Old Primitive Baptists, the Yates family about 1949, Sandy Valley Lodge No. 17 in 1958, Rev. F.E. Clark, G.Doak Davidson, the Zach Church murder trial, and scenes of the 1957 flood.  

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