Tales of Desperadoes, Squirrel Invasions and Indian Scares!

Lincoln County Washington USA

A New 166 Page Booklet


Early days in Lincoln County, Washington are recalled through a mixture of colorful tales and factual data in this new 8 1/2" x 11" booklet. An excerpt from the hard-to-find 1904 book: An Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country, published by Western Historical Publishing Company, the 166 page spiral bound booklet is printed on 60# opaque paper. The front cover is protected with a vinyl sheet.

The booklet begins with tales of early settlers like R.M. Bacon, Samuel Wilbur Condin or Condit (better known as Wild Goose Bill); and Sam Wow, a pioneer miner and many others. Then comes the Indian scare of 1877, the establishment of Fort Spokane, the cricket scourge of 1882-3, the organization of Lincoln County in 1883, the naming of the county, the battle between Sprague and Davenport for county seat honors, a boom and bust economy. The above is all in the first chapter. The second chapter, titled "Current Events -- 1887 to 1896" concerns the coming of the railroad, the terrible snow storms of 1890 that killed off most cattle; the squirrel invasion; the hanging of an Indian youth followed by an Indian scare in 1891; benefits of red lice; "lieu lands"; the Coxey Army; a railroad strike; the shooting affair between Wild Goose Bill and Barton Park. Chapter 3, "Current Events -- 1896 to 1904, covers the disappearance of a toddler, the forming of a fair association, the shooting of outlaw Billy Gibbons, the organizing of the Lincoln County Pioneer Association, the man-hunt for desperado Harry Tracy, and a double murder near Almira.

The book then turns to a histories of Davenport, Creston, Wilbur, Almira, Harrington, Downs, Edwall, Moscow, Odessa, Reardan, Mondovi, Govan, and Sprague. Briefly mentioned are Crystal City, Lamona, Irby, Mohler, Hellgate, Rocklyn, Waukon and Gravelle. A descriptive chapter and a political chapter (with many names), an educational chapter (with teachers' names), and a history of the press come next.

The original book included too many individual biographies to include them in this booklet, but when available specific biographies can be added for a small surcharge. Offer is limited to auction winners.


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